1995. Rising up in South Gippsland, Victoria, Rients Johannes Huitema shared a love for hip hop music with his basketball buddies. Between street B-Ball sessions and Street Fighter 2 battles on their Super Nintendo, gangsta rap became an unlikely influence for the otherwise sensitive new age teens. Keeping a cynical yet empathetic view of the lyrical content, the G funk sparked an inspiration for what is now his ultimate release - Renelophus.

2020. Introducing Anastasia Lastovirya on vocals, Michael Wong sitting on top of the bass, Joel Claude strumming electric guitars. Reno himself ripping rhymes and Randall Pham banging handy beats. Together, the band enjoys awkward silences and exploring each other intimately with the use of ESP.

Listeners are treated to a full fruit salad of moods leaving a strange pop after-taste. Each song is dusted with the dirt from some outer Melbourne unsealed street and are brought together with the unmistakable vocal acrobatics of the tantalizing duo. 

With overly candid lyrical content (although almost entirely politically acceptable), experimental enjoyment is definitely the intention of the band offering wiggle-worthy rhythms to bounce to while having one's mind relocated. Quickly becoming accepted as one of Scoresby's premier live Hip-hop bands, the Aussie music scene is proving to be a hilarious calamity for a band with such an uncharted genre of music. Following their debut EP Release 'The Blue Dot EP', the band promises to give something out of the ordinary for a party-going audience yearning for something different. And now with their acoustic EP in its final stages of production the band is about ready to ejaculate flowers.